Erectile Dysfunction

If it is good in bed, it`s basically good everywhere else! Although most people will deny this and try to hide behind a bunch of other reasons, one of the main reasons for break ups and relationship problems start in bed. The major cause of poor sexual performance is usually Erectile Dysfunction in the male partner.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction can be defined as the inability of a sexually stimulated men to achieve as well as maintain a firm erection for a decent period of time during sexual intercourse. Having a weak erection which is not strong enough for penetration is also classified as erectile dysfunction.

Should you get worried if you have ED?

Not at all. Having Erectile dysfunction is not the end of the world. ED can be treated and there are a variety of drugs on the market which can help to treat the condition. Over the years, Erectile Dysfunction has surprisingly become more prevalent. Initially ED was known to only affect older men but nowadays it is even common among young men.

Why you should get treatment for Erectile Dysfunction?

Erection problems can be a major obstacle to a happy and satisfying relationship. Having Erectile dysfunction is almost the pinnacle of embarrassment to a man and if not addressed it can have other detrimental psychological effects. It doesn`t matter if the woman is okay with the situation. Apart from ruining the sex, Erectile dysfunction can also ruin a man`s life. There is a stigma that if you are not men enough in bed, you aren`t a man at all. All these stereotypes often lead men with ED to suffer from detrimental psychological effects like depression, loss of self esteem, charisma and serenity. According to Mayo Clinic studies, ED can be a sign of bigger health issues in the body. Besides the psychological issues, having erectile dysfunction can actually be an indicator of other serious health consequences like high cholesterol, Parkinson’s disease, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, diabetes and other detrimental health conditions. This is why it is very important to seek medical care as soon as possible, if you ever experience Erectile Dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

The first ED drug is Viagra, “The Magical blue pill.” It shouldn`t be a surprise that Viagra was discovered by accident. As we all know that most scientists, especially in the medical field, are not into “pleasure discoveries” but “life saving discoveries”.

Its almost three decades since the United States Food and Drug Administration approved Viagra for use in the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction. Viagra was approved by the FDA on the 27th of March 1998 and is the first oral treatment approved to treat Erectile Dysfunction. Following Viagra was Levitra on the 19th of August 2003 and Cialis on the 6th of October 2011.

As mentioned earlier, Viagra was accidentally discovered by two British scientists working at Pfizer Laboratories. The two scientists were testing Sildenafil citrate`s efficacy in lowering blood pressure in cardiovascular disease patients. Sildenafil citrate is the main active ingredient found in Viagra. The experiment`s results were unexpected. Andrew Bell, Nicholas Terret and David brown learned that the male patients who had been administered Sildenafil citrate were reporting having better erections than they ever had before.

Instead of trashing away Sildenafil citrate because it had produced unprecedented results, Pfizer articulated that there was an untapped and lucrative Erectile dysfunction drugs market waiting. Therefore they did some clinical tests and finally patented Sildenafil citrate under the market friendly name Viagra in 1996. In 1998 Viagra was approved by the US FDA and production started.

Today Viagra, along with other ED drugs have boosted and bettered the sexual lives of millions and millions of couples all over the world.

10 interesting facts about Erectile Dysfunction facts

Erectile dysfunction is surrounded by a lot of myths and misconceptions. However it is always better to stick to the facts.

Generic vs Brand Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

When a Pfizer first developed Sildenafil Citrate, just like any other inventors they patented their invention and gave it a market-friendly name like Viagra. Over the course of the patent(15-20 years), only Pfizer was the authorised manufacturer of Sildenafil citrate as an erectile dysfunction drug. However after the patent expired the Medicine and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (or MHRA) granted other manufacturing companies permission to also manufacture and sell Sildenafil Citrate. However these companies are not allowed to use Pfizer`s brand name or original shape of the pill. Therefore they have to just stick to the active ingredient name and call their products Sildenafil citrate or “Generic Viagra” in order for the public to know that they also sell Viagra.

So why is Generic Viagra Cheap?

Generic Viagra is cheap because since Pfizer was the sole manufacturer of Viagra it literally had no competition therefore they could dictate whatever price they wanted. Furthermore since they knew that their patent would expire soon, they wanted to get as much profit as they could during their limited time. Brand Viagra isn`t expensive because its expensive to manufacture or uses special ingredients. It is expensive simply because its made by Pfizer.

The other reason why generic Viagra is cheaper is because there are now hundreds of Generic Viagra around the globe and due to the competition the manufactures have to cut their prices to a reasonable value unlike Pfizer`s “crazy” profit margins.

Final Verdict

It is important to note that since both generic Viagra and brand Viagra have the same active ingredient they also have the same mechanism of action and efficacy. If you get a reliable online supplier of genericViagra like you would feel the achieve exactly the same results as someone who took Brand Viagra. The reason why Generic Viagra has a lot of negative feedback is because they are manufactured by a lot of different manufacturers, some legit and some fake.

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